Friday, 25 October 2013

"Anyone who doesn't work through past papers has very little chance of doing well in an exam"

... Dave Pearce, electronics lecturer at the University of York.

Past papers are not the solution for every subject but for maths the advice is simple - "Do past papers, as many as you can lay your hands on."

With this in mind PassedPapers is a cheap resource for 11-plus level mathematics papers. Each pack contains 5 papers together with answers.

Here is the PassedPapers 4 step plan for 11-plus Mathematics exam success:
  1. Try to complete a paper a day. If you have too much on then just do half a paper which should take 30 minutes
  2. Attempt the first few papers without a time limit so that the whole paper is completed and weaknesses can be identified.
  3. Work on identified weaknesses whilst practising more papers and start to introduce a time limit.
  4. Keep a record of your progress. You will be encouraged by how quickly your marks improve.

Each paper has 50 questions with 2 marks per question.